Its true name is Anfiteatro Flavio, everybody knows it by the name of Colosseum and it is the symbol itself of the city of Rome in the world. It was built in 72 A. D. by Vespasian and finished eight years after by his son Titus.

The Colosseum (or Coliseum) was comparable, for its time, to our stadiums, even if the performances were very different from those of nowadays.The Roman people gathered in mass to attend the Circus games (ludi cistercenses), where the gladiators fought among themselves.
In the Colosseum performances were organized, often bloody, in which gladiators, wild beasts and prisoners (often Christians) fought for their lives. Often it was flooded to simulate sea battles. All this ended when in the V century, a man named Telemachus entered the arena and tried to make gladiators stop fighting; he was killed, but since that day, in Rome, games took place no more.
The elliptic ring of Colosseum has the longest axis measuring 187 mt., the shorter 155 mt., the height of the highest ring is over 50 mt., the spectators could reach the number of 80.000.
Centuries passing by left very little of the ancient pomp, in fact the great amphitheatre was very rich of marbles an decorations, gone lost most of all during the Renaissance, when the need for marble was exceptional and the marble of the Colosseum was removed and used elsewhere.

Opening hours:

  • Last Sunday of October to 15 February:  8.30 – last admission at 15.30 – exit at 16.30
  • 16 February to 15 March:  8.30 – last admission at 16.00 – exit at 17.00
  • 16 March to last Saturday of March:  8.30 – last admission at 16.30 – exit at 17.30
  • Last Sunday of March to 31 August:  8.30 – last admission at 18.15 – exit at 19.15
  • 1 September to 30 September:  8.30 – last admission at 18.00 – exit at 19.00
  • 1 October to last Sunday of October:  8.30 – last admission at 17.30 – exit at 18.30

Closed 1 January, 1 May and 25 December.

Tickets can also be bought at the ticket offices of the Palatine Hill located in Via San Gregorio No. 30 and Piazza Santa Maria Nova No. 53 (200 metres from the Colosseum) and allow entrance to the Palatine Hill and to the Roman Forum as well

  • Full price: €12;
  • Reduced Fee: €7 for European Union citizens between 18 and 25 years old and for European Union teachers;
  • Free Entrance: Visitors 17 and under.

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