Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is the most famous fountain in Rome, built by the architect Salvi who made it in 1735 under Clemente II’s pontificate.

The sculptures that compose it tell about various events linked to the discovery of the spring itself which the water that feeds the fountain comes from. In the middle of the monumental set, that takes place on the façade of a palace, there is the statue of Ocean, represented on a chariot shell shaped, carried by winged horses. You can see then among the other sculptures, the figures of tritons and sea-animals, mythological or real.

The little square is probably the place most crowded of visitors you can see in Rome, tens of thousands of visitors that every day visit the work to throw into the basin a coin, that, as the legend tells, guarantees the tourist to come back to Rome in his lifetime. The world-wide fame of this fountain was given also by the scenes of the famous movie “La dolce vita” by Federico Fellini.

Other Trevi Fountain legends regard lovers and couples. Girls whose leaves for military service or work, are guaranteed eternal love if they make their boyfriend drink a glass of water from the “Fontana degli innamorati” or lovers fountain (which is to the side of the Trevi Fountain), the subsequently break the glass. In this way the man will never forget the girl.